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Building the Launch Pad and the Interstellar Ship

by @Jaye ~ Sept. 17, 2169, transmitted from Deta, Home Sector

The SS Wyvern — Interstellar Class Ship

Launch Pad

Hey, Rookie! It’s been a while. You must be really working hard because I haven’t seen you in a hot kilo-minute. I heard you’ve finished your factory! Good job. So, now you’re on the last leg to getting out into the wider universe.

Your last building is the Launch Pad. It lets you build the Wyvern, an interstellar class ship, which will take you to the next sector. If you thought things were spartan here, wait until you have to find…

by @Jaye ~ Aug 1, 2169, transmitted from Deta, Home Sector

Finding a Golden Needle

Hey there, rookie! Looks like you’ve managed to avoid taking a wrong turn out of an air-lock so far. Good job! Found any good asteroids, yet? No? Well, you should be looking for them! Why? Well, let’s get into that. Get that vac suit off, wash up and meet me in the bar in 1.5 kilosecs, okay?

Asteroids have fewer resources than whole planets. So instead of filling up your ship with 10 different resources, at least five of which are common, a good asteroid could give you half…

by @Jaye ~ July 7, 2169, transmitted from Ipos, Home Sector

Don’t Panic!

Huh, you look new. Like, just off the transport and completely lost, am I right? I bet you haven’t even seen your new shuttle yet. You still have that new-miner smell. No offense intended! Humans have lots of interesting smells, and you can’t really offend me.

Me? Yeah, I’m an android, but don’t worry. I’m not here to pester you with entertainment offers or shill the latest new asteroid reports to the newbies. …

SpaceEx is an exploration, dynasty building project.

As an Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) collectible project any land and planets acquired, claimed or bought from fellow Explorers are all NFT’s that are yours to keep, sell or trade. And with luck and success, it should increase in value overtime and through scarcity and resources.

Unfortunately for the passive Explorer it will be difficult to amass a strong dynasty unless they can acquire valuable planets from fellow explorers as there are no bulk land or planets sales in SpaceEx. Planets must be discovered and claimed. …

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