Introducing SpaceEx

SpaceEx is an exploration, dynasty building project.

As an Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) collectible project any land and planets acquired, claimed or bought from fellow Explorers are all NFT’s that are yours to keep, sell or trade. And with luck and success, it should increase in value overtime and through scarcity and resources.

Unfortunately for the passive Explorer it will be difficult to amass a strong dynasty unless they can acquire valuable planets from fellow explorers as there are no bulk land or planets sales in SpaceEx. Planets must be discovered and claimed. All Planets regardless of rarity and resources will be claimable at the one fixed cost.

SpaceEx adventure starts out in the Home System — Pleione.
Each and every Explorer must establish their base in the Home system, build the required infastructure plus their Interstellar Ship to be able to advance out of the Home systen into Sector 1 to explore for a new Planet/s and establish a base within that sector to have a launching pad for deeper exploration.

Planet Litra — One of the Planets in the Home System of Pleione.

SpaceEx Phase 1 release is scheduled for 26th April 2021, it is our early release to have limited Explorers join the space exploration adventure. It may have some unfinished bits, it may have minor bugs, etc — It is NOT fully developed but needs that extra stress testing. It will be an Alpha Build.
If that is not for you — please revisit late June, 2021 for the Phase 2 release.

What is the benefit of being an early explorer?

  1. Getting a start on establishing your base in Pleione and ultimately building your Intersellar ship to begin the exploration journey.
  2. There will be some Limited Land for sale on planets in the Home System, available on a first come, first served basis. These must be found at the planets that may have Plots available for sale (not all planets have plots for sale).
  3. There are Plots available for all new explorers, as all explorers must establish a base, build the infastructure required to ultimately build their Interstellar ship.
  4. If Explorers cant afford to buy a Plot, that is perfectly fine, as in Pleione there are ample Plots available for lease to get all new Explorers started.
Planet Omoga— One of the Planets in the Home System of Pleione.

SpaceEx can be enjoyed without spending even a cent or like all projects can be a little quicker and easier with some outlay/s BUT such outlays should prove the start of a budding empire. It will be a true Play2Earn game utilising the massive benefits of Blockchain technology and NFTs.

The community for SpaceEx will reside in our Discord Server, please come join us here:

In the Discord there is an FAQ and helpful moderators so new Explorers can ask any questions, learn how the Space Exploration is maybe a very interesting project for you. But remember this is not at, or near its fully developed state, hopefully by the start of Q1 2022 stage 1 will be fully released and the main concept of SpaceEx will be able to be fully explored.

SpaceEx has elected to produce the early release, so early Explorers gain some benefits while helping the developers stress test the project as it advances through its phases. There will be no big early presales and then waiting months to have a game. The SpaceEx early release is on 26th April 2021, no presale until Phase 2 and it will only be small and offer a small chance of getting a plot to own. There is so much more to learn and a strategy to get you through, so there are many benefits for the early Explorers.