Space Ex — Leaving Home Sector

Building the Launch Pad and the Interstellar Ship

by @Jaye ~ Sept. 17, 2169, transmitted from Deta, Home Sector

The SS Wyvern — Interstellar Class Ship

Launch Pad

Hey, Rookie! It’s been a while. You must be really working hard because I haven’t seen you in a hot kilo-minute. I heard you’ve finished your factory! Good job. So, now you’re on the last leg to getting out into the wider universe.

Your last building is the Launch Pad. It lets you build the Wyvern, an interstellar class ship, which will take you to the next sector. If you thought things were spartan here, wait until you have to find and develop your own planet. The reward could be owning an entire planet and being able to lease out numerous plots to other miners reaching the next sector after you.

The only civilization you’ll find there is the one we will build.


Before you head out to the next sector and start looking for your own planet, Rookie. You could stick around and build a second ship. Maybe. If you have the means to do so.

The CS Colossus I is a limited edition, carrier class cargo ship. There will only be 30 of these ships licensed for manufacture, and no more. And it won’t be easy or cheap. But it will allow the transport of resources from the Home Sector to the next sector. That could be very lucrative, but you’ll likely need more than one plot on one planet to build it in your lifetime. Ideally, you have a mix of complimentary planets that provide you the widest possible mix of resources. Even then you’ll need to also mine a lot of asteroids as well.

The CS Colossus I — Carrier Class Ship

Purchase Plots

To build the Colossus, it would be wise to invest in more than one plot. Probably, more than one, to be honest. It’s a serious commitment. If you have the capital, you could buy a plot. I think I mentioned that last time we talked, but a purchased plot comes with an Auto-miner. Without building a Power-plant or a Mining Platform, you’ll get resources produced on the planet of your choice. And if you do build a Mining Platform, you’ll get twice the resources of the Auto-miner or Mining Platform alone. Again, you’ll almost certainly want and need more than one plot, and you’ll need to research which planets are best for this endeavor.

Yeah, Rookie, you probably won’t have much time for the entertainment droids if you go for the Colossus. It’s not that you’ll just be mining asteroids. You’ll need to organize your resources and transfer them to the plot with your Refinery, Factory, Research Facility, and Landing Platform. And you’ll need to build that on a plot that you already own. It’s likely that your lease plot will expire before you get the Colossus built. So you would not want to build up everything on a leased plot and try to get the Colossus built before the lease expires.

Purchase plots are basically NFT deeds, to use a really old term from way back in the twenty-first century. Yeah, I’m that old, Rookie! You wish you could look this good at my age. You will be able to rent them out to future miners arriving in the Home Sector for the first time, or keep them operating for your own use. Thus… you’ll need a Colossus to transport their resources to the next sector.

Of course, if you like, you’ll be able to sell the plot outright. That could be very profitable in itself when plots on the market are few and far-between. The Colossus will be a NFT property as well.

Choosing Planets

I recommend that you purchase plots on planets that supply as many different rare resources as possible. There are 2-planet and 3-planet combinations that supply a much higher variety with the fewest duplication of resources. And of course, if plots are available, you can lease for six months on the lease-only planets Akole or Remini.

I’ll even throw in some of my own preliminary research, Rookie! Go to the #tools and #strategy channel of the Space Ex discord and look in the pinned comments for the latest spreadsheets that evaluate the best combinations of planets. Also read through and ask questions in the #strategy channel. Many miners have worked on determining the best combinations of planets. Ask them for advice.

Just for building out the SS Wyvern and the fuel you’ll need for it, I determined that there were certain advantageous pairs and triplets. For those miners coming later and wanting to lease built-out plots in order to build the Wyvern and get out to the next sector quickly, the Yuni/Deta pair appears to be the best. If you are able to buy plots to start with, buying on Yuni and leasing on Ipos is also a nice pair, given that it will let you build up your main base on Yuni the fastest. Then you’ll be able to lease out Yuni to newcomers, since it is a very nice planet to pair with others. There’s a limited supply, so buying now could be a very smart move, Rookie, even if you have built a lot of stuff on your lease planet.

When you do move on to the next sector, you have the option of leasing out your plot, and if it is fully built up, it would lease for a lot more, since a new miner will not have to build any buildings at all. Imagine the benefit of only having to collect and buy the resources needed for the Wyvern and its fuel. You should be able to charge a pretty respectable lease for that kind of benefit. That, or sell the plot out-right. Either way, you’d receive block-chain currency that can be transmitted to the next sector, or even all the way back to Earth.

The Next Sector

In the next sector, we’ll be able to survey for new planets. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a planet with land suitable for leasing out, and more than a handful of resources. The Common and Uncommon rarities will only allow you to build a base on a single plot, and the Common variety only has 5 resources. Rare and up have plots for building on that can be leased out to other miners. Rare planets have 4, Epic planets have 12, and the very rare Spectacular planets have 30 plots, and they have 10 resources, like Akole or Remini in the Home Sector. Obviously, finding a Spectacular planet would be very lucrative. And to claim a planet, there is only a small fee.

Who knows what we’ll find out there, once we start exploring. Another alien species or two? Or some kind of existential threat? It’s really exciting, and potentially dangerous. I’m not even a real biological, and I’m tingling all over.

Well, Goodbye Rookie! For Now

Unfortunately, it’s time for your favorite free-droid miner to move on, but I’m glad that I could help steer you in the right direction and help another miner achieve success. I came out here several months before you, and I’ve got my Wyvern built. She’s a nice ship. A good bit more spacious and sleek than the Home System shuttles we’re flying around in, even with all the upgrades installed. I’ve even completed the quests that have opened the way for me to find Sector One. I have a couple of plots here, but I’m not crazy enough to try to build the Colossus, so I’m heading on to the next sector soon. I could lease my fully built-up plot to you if you asked me really nicely… and for the right price. That’s the other way you could get that Colossus built. Lease plots from other miners that have moved on. Again, I’d imagine you’d need a decent amount of capital for that. But I bet we can strike a deal, if you offer the right incentives. I’ve heard you’re really good at negotiations.